Hans Stuart

Ref: XII:113
Yrke: Generalfältkvartermästare
Far: Johannes Stuart
Mor: Agneta Forbes
Immigrerade: från 1565 Sverige
Död: 1618-10 Vadsbro fs (D) 1)

Familj med Brita Eriksdotter Soop (- 1622)

Vigsel: 1579
Barn:Anders Stuart (1589 - 1679)

The first Stuarts in Sweden were two sons to Johannes Stuart of Ochiltree, who accompanied Mary Queen of Scots to France in 1558, and who served as Colonel under Francis II of France until the latter’s death in 1560, when he returned to Scotland. His wife’s maiden name was Forbus. His son, Hans Stuart, was in 1565 captured by the Danes on a voyage from Edinburgh to Danzig and taken to Varberg where he was held prisoner, it being suspected that he intended to enter Swedish service. But when the Swedes stormed Varberg in August of the same year he was robbed of all his possessions and taken in chains to Upsala. Only at the request of the Scottish officers he was finally set free. He was raised to the Swedish nobility in 1579, after showing evidence of his birth. From 1582 he held the estate of Hedenlunda, which remained the main seat of the family for two hundred years. In 1585 he received letters from James VI granting him the right to bear "the arms of his blue field." In 1604 he was Gentleman of the Bedchamber at the court of Charles IX, and later Colonel of a regiment that he had enlisted in Scotland. In 1609 he was Inspector-general of all foreign troops, and in 1611 he was sent as Swedish envoy to Russia. He was married to Brita Soop. He died in 1618 and his wife in 1622. The two lie buried under a lovely stone in Vadsbro Church. He had a brother, Anders Stuart, who was an officer. The family still survives in Sweden.

Hans Stuart’s grandson, Carl Magnus Stuart, was the country’s foremost fortifications officer at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries, and was military tutor and adviser to the young Charles XII.

Källa: Scots in Sweden, by Jonas Berg and Bo Lagercrantz - www.electricscotland.com/history/sweden/16-1.htm

 1) Elgenstierna, Gustaf - Den introducerade svenska adelns ättartavlor

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